Churchills has unmatched experience and expertise in


With a long history of quality projects, Churchills understands the needs of the commercial sector.
Working in consultation with the client and their team, the floor covering type, style, colour, performance and ongoing care are evaluated and selections are made based on years of experience.

Churchills Carpet Court have built a reputation as a quality supplier of commercial flooring solutions to a wide range of industries across many applications.

The needs of the hospitality industry are wide and varied. From hotels, motels, food and beverage outlets, Churchills has an extensive range of products to meet the needs of various environments and also the expertise to help ensure a trouble free installation.

Churchills Carpet Court understands the requirements for office flooring. Flooring solutions for the office need to take into account wear and tear, whilst being practical and easy to maintain. From broadloom carpets to tiles, Churchills has a wide range of products on offer to cater for these applications.

The visual impact flooring has in a retail environment is of major importance - colour and design choice is permanent. Care or maintenance, as well as low noise and safety, are also important retail requirements.

Building Industry
We have many years of experience in dealing with the building community. We service the needs of some of the regions largest builders as well as catering for the needs of the private builder. Whether it is unit development or general home construction we can certainly assist you in attaining your requirements.

Our Commercial Clients Include:  

  • South's Leagues Club
  • Ambulance Service of NSW - Hamilton and several others.
  • Samaritans Outlets - Several throughout the Hunter.
  • Samaritans Early Learning Centre
  • Arena Apartments - Newcastle East
  • Novotel Newcastle Beach
  • Sydney Junction Hotel
  • Sharpes Nursery on Darby Street
  • Salvation Army - Many premises throughout the Hunter
  • Pinnacle Apartments (old Latec House) – 75 apartments
  • Mecure Apartments
  • Old Hunter Water Corporation building in Hunter & King Streets
  • Old NIB House – 6 floors
  • Caves Beachside Hotel Development
  • Lee Wharf / Chiefly Apartments – 81 apartments
  • 10 classrooms at St Francis Xavier School / College
  • NBN Television News Room
  • The Newcastle Club
  • Newcastle Taxis Head Office
  • Newcastle Herald Offices
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School