Do you have some questions that need answers?


What is the difference between a broadloom metre and a square metre?
A broadloom metre is actually 3.66 square metres, i.e. 1 metre cut from a carpet roll which are normally 3.66 metres in width. It is always a good idea to compare the square metre cost of carpet against other floor coverings such as ceramic tiles or vinyl and timber as they are specifically priced by the square metre and a better comparison of value can be seen.

How important is Underlay?
The manufacturers of underlay produce a range of qualities, all of which will be adequate under your new carpet. At Churchills Carpet Court we sell both the Bridgestone and Dunlop range of underlays, both very well respected brands.

Choose your carpet and ask to step on it with the different underlays under it. Each will give you a different feel and you can then choose the one you prefer the feel of.

The higher the quality of rubber or foam underlay the more luxurious it will feel to your feet, the more support it will give your new carpet and the quieter it will make your home, especially in second floor installations and on staircases.

Whether you choose a rubber or foam underlay of similar quality and price, you will be equally happy with either.

It is recommended that you change your underlay when you replace your carpet. Underlay wears as the carpet wears, leaving it with the wear patterns of the old carpet. It is important to note that a manufacturer may void a carpets warranty if laid on old underlay.

How much does a Timber/Laminate floor cost?
Laminate Floors start at approximately $30 per square metre plus installation. Whereas floating timber floors start at approximately $50 plus installation depending on the species of timber chosen.

Which is better, Wool or Nylon carpet?
There are various qualities of Wool and Nylon carpets available across a range of price points. Each fibre has its own benefits. Different fibres will suit different individual needs. For specific recommendations please contact Churchills Carpet Court store on (02) 4929 4691.

How long will it take to install floorcovering in my home?
Depending on the size of your home, most installations are completed within one day. However, Churchills Carpet Court can give you a better idea once we see a plan of your home or following a free measure and quote.

Should I buy a plush or twist pile carpet?
A plush pile carpet is very luxurious and comfortable to live with. A twist pile carpet has the added benefit of minimising the appearance of tracking or foot marking. It is recommended you select products depending on your lifestyle and the foot traffic in your home.

What is the benefit in selecting vinyl flooring over other floorcoverings, such as ceramics?
Vinyl is available in very new and modern colours, easily cleaned and very economical. It is generally warmer underfoot, also softer and more comfortable to walk on.

Can Churchills Carpet Court remove our existing floorcoverings and/or move my furniture?
Yes we can, at a minimal cost. At Churchills, we’ve got you covered!